The Grateful Dead of Eugene Can Now Have Their Cremated Remains Be Inurned In A VW Bus

The funeral business just isn’t what it used to be, especially in a place like Eugene. Folks just don’t seem to care to spend any money on a final resting spot anymore, either scattering the ashes of their loved ones or just leaving them in an urn at home. For Mark and Jeff Musgrove, owners of several funeral homes and two cemeteries, this growing trend is an existential threat. So they’ve come up with a new idea to attract the attention of the many aging flower children: a VW bus columbarium.

There’s room for 100 aboard for the final trip to…nowhere, as the bus is firmly attached to its concrete base and lacks an engine. Price? A zaftig $995. Hmm. It might be a while before it fills up at that rate.

Another cemetery in Eugene, Sunset Hills, has offered another alternative for several years now: a bicycle hearse and natural wicker casket. But it’s not cheap: $3500.