CC Outtake: One Less Toyota Van?

The Toyota Van is was the official van of Eugene, having handed the title to its natural (and obvious successor), the Toyota Previa. And the Toyota Van was handed its title by the VW bus. Yes, a box on wheels is a mighty handy thing for the Eugene lifestyle, whether it’s hauling home starts and fertilizer, or delivering produce to the farmer’s market. Or hauling the tools of the trade, whatever that may be. But their numbers are getting thin, and this one’s days may well be numbered, thanks to a punch in the face.

Of course I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone do some jury-rigging of the lights and such, and keep it going another 5 or 10 years. Clearly it’s not affecting its ability to move under its own power.

The engine and transmission in these are well protected from any impacts, given that they are nestled under a raised floor section between and just behind the front seats; a mid-engine van, actually. And that power train is legendarily long-lived, as is everything else about these.  Which of course explains their longevity and why there are were so many on the streets here (sorry; I’m still getting used to the idea of these not being immortal and ubiquitous).

Looks like the owner of this one spent some time making it a bit quieter; a worthwhile undertaking. I really should do that with my xB.

It’ll be interesting to see when the last of these bites the bullet. Well, if I live that long, that is.

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