CC Outtake: One of the Five Immortal Datsun 710 Wagons of Eugene – They’re Coming To Get Me

I’ve written them up before, starting almost ten years ago, but there are some five Datsun 710 wagons in town, and three of them are this color and are still in daily use in Eugene. Because there’s so (relatively) many of them, it’s like I see one one just about every day or so. It’s crazy; like some weird dream. Pale turquoise 710 wagons…they’re following me…there’s another one…is it a conspiracy of some sort?

I’ll give you links to all of them below:

Datsun 710 Wagons Number One through Three

Datsun 710 Wagon Number Four

Datsun 710 Wagon Number Five

Now watch another one appear.