Curbside Question: What’s The Best Climate Or Place To Preserve A Stored Car?

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I’ve received the following question from an anonymous CC reader, and it’s a good one, about what climate is the least damaging to a car, as well as the different options of storing a car. Obviously, Oregon is fairly benign, as our rains seem to have a preservative quality (chemicals from China?), and our UV exposure is moderate. But I’m sure there are other locations and factors that come into play.

In the 48-state US alone, the varying climates (as well as winter salt, etc.) all “age” a car in different ways. I wonder what the collected wisdom would suggest as the “best” places in the US (i.e., mostly like to preserve your car over the years) would be under one or more of the following conditions (car is simply parked and walked away from for years, in all instances):

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1) Car sits inside (unheated/ventilated) garage, which keeps out vermin and rain and sun and wind, but does nothing to regulate temperature or humidity.

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2) Car sits outside under a “carport” kind of shelter–i.e., keeping rain & snow off car, moderating sun damage, but open to elements and critters otherwise.

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3) Car is simply parked, exposed to all elements, within 100 ft. of any paved road in the U.S. (and not under a tree, in a cave, whatever).

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I’ll throw out a fourth scenario: car parked outside, but wrapped up in a tarp or car cover.

So where and how to best keep a CC preserved for eternity?