CC Outtake: Subaru “Battle Wagon” – Off Roader Or Poseur?


When I first spotted this jacked-up Subaru from across the street, I thought it to be a genuine off-roader, as some Subarus are modified to be. But as I walked up to it, I began to wonder.


The “Battle Wagon” stencil on top of the windshield (which I failed to shoot properly) is what got me suspicious. It’s almost like it’s as much art car as it is a genuine off-roader.


An air intake snorkel at roof height? For fording six foot deep rivers? And an air scoop too? Maybe a valve to switch from one to the other, as needed? (Update: the hood scoop is presumably for an intercooler, if it has one) Or maybe all show?


And dual exhausts protruding through the bumper. Is that to gain clearance? Genuine or poseur? Or maybe just a mixture of the two, like so many off-roaders.