Bus Stop Classic: 1969 DAF-ZABO


A fine example of a classic city bus, this 1969 DAF chassis with a body built by ZABO. The history of ZABO (Zwijndrechtse Auto-Bus Onderneming) from Ridderkerk, the Netherlands, dates back to 1923. The manufacturer of city- and regional buses, which started as a bus service in the Rotterdam area, built its last complete bus in 1985. The company closed down in 2008.


From 1967 to 1971 ZABO built 44 buses for the BBA -the full name of the bus company is on the side of the bus- using DAF’s MB 200 bus chassis with an underfloor mid-engine. Typical for a ZABO bus are the polyester body parts.


The city bus is registered as a DAF MB200DO502. The letters DO mean that the engine is a Leyland O.680 diesel, an 11.1 liter 6-cylinder. Later this engine was superseded by the 11.6 liter DAF engine, called the DKDL in the MB 200 chassis. The number 502 is the wheelbase in cm.


Now let’s step inside for an interior-tour.


Welcome, city bus passenger !


Ah yes, the classic Pas 65. For the citizens aged 65 and older. Show it for discounts, especially on public services and such.


From top to bottom: Don’t talk to the driver, (a maximum of) 31 seated passengers, 52 standing passengers, 420 kg of goods, and no standing before the line.


NO EXIT. On the left, next to the mirror, is a small lever to open the doors in case of emergency. There’s also one on the outside, as you can see in the 2nd picture.


A perfect view, to all sides.


A typical DAF-dashboard from the sixties.


As spartan as a bus interior can get. The Leyland engine is laying underneath the floor hatch.


Sitting on top of the dual rear wheels.


Here’s the exit.


Some old-school rear window stickers for city- and regional buses. “…may I have some space ?”, the smiling regional bus -as it’s yellow- asks. The SVA (above the window) is a foundation that keeps classic buses and coaches on the road throughout the country. Keep up the good work !

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