CC Outtake: The CC House, and With a New Recent Exotic Addition

I’ve been passing by this collection of CCs not far away for years, and it’s change some with time, but a few months back I decided I needed to finally shoot it. These all belong to the same house, and it’s a pretty eclectic collection. But the big surprise was when a new CC joined the family about a month or so ago. I would never have guessed it, given the US-centric nature of all of them except for the Kia Soul, which I have reason to believe belongs to the wife of the owner of the rest of them.

But let’s check these out first before we get to the surprise addition.

The Dodge conversion van is called “Happy Miler”. I havn’t seen it leave the driveway in all the time I’ve lived here, but maybe once upon a time, or maybe I’ve just missed it. it does look road-worthy.

I’m quite familiar with the blue Cavalier and the brown Dodge van, as I’ve been seeing one or the other every morning as the dog and I walk by our local elementary school two blocks away. My assumption is that he’s the school custodian, based on the cars and where he parks.

The Cavalier is a later version, but even these are starting to get a bit thin on the ground here.

The ’71 (or so) Dodge Maxivan is a survivor, and has been the featured subject of my CC on these extended Dodges.

Bringing up the rear is a Buick Century. Curiously, I’ve never seen it parked at the school, so I’m not sure whether it’s used by another family member or whether it’s not in current use at all. It seems to be here whenever I go by.

I don’t exactly need to show you, do I? The most familiar car shape if you were around in the 80s, and 90s, and the 00s. Maybe one of these days when there’s so few left I’ll be able to appreciate properly. Not yet.

About a month later as I rolled by in the car, I couldn’t believe it: a Jag XJ6!  Whoa; that was highly unexpected. And the Buick is gone, at least for the moment. Is it visiting, or here to stay? I got an answer soon.

A day or two later, as doggie and I walked by the school, there it was, parked in the spot reserved for him. And quite a nice specimen, at that. These are starting to get scarce on the streets too. probably picked it up for scratch.


Well, I hope it serves him well. Worst case, if it breaks down on the way to school, he could just walk the rest of the way, as it’s only about 12 blocks from his house.