CC TV Outtake: This Used Car Commercial Didn’t Make It On The Air

Geelongvic sent me this, although not with the right commentary. He’d been led to believe told that this was a live commercial that went on the air (once), and the pitchman was fired afterwards. Makes for a good story, but sadly, it’s not true.

Here’s the comment left by the Youtube poster:

This “gag” commercial never aired of course. The pitchman was well known in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s-70s. While taping commercials for the dealership in 1968, the pitchman made this gag take to poke fun at his boss. Ralph Williams owned many California car dealerships and had quite a notorious reputation.

No one did live commercials back then on location, as the equipment to do so was prohibitive. Standard procedure was to shoot on 16mm film, until affordable portable (3/4″ Umatic) equipment came along in the late 70s. Generally the only live commercials were done in the studios, where the pros could deliver them without a hitch, mostly.