CC Outtake: The Eclectic CC House

Stereotypes never quite live up to their billing, but there’s something decidedly stereotypical Eugene about the three cars parked at this old house. Three of the major stereotypical vehicular “tribes” are present: a Prius (gen1, no less), a Datsun 510 wagon, and a hoary old IH Scout.

What can we say about all three that hasn’t been said before here (CCs below)? That this Scout is a bit woolier than average, with its suspension lift? That there’s a surprising number of Datsun 510 wagons (not so much sedans) still on the streets here? And that the original Prii are still quietly whizzing along 15 some years after they were introduced here, despite all the naysayers back in the day. That’s probably more than enough for a Sunday morning.


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