CC Outtake: Toyota Starlet- Hot Rod?


Working in the automotive industry, I can tell you there’s a reason why you rarely find the “perfect car” at your local dealers. The incredible constraints placed on vehicle engineers, product developers and production staffs define the product they deliver to the sales floor far more than their individual efforts.


However, once the car leaves the showrooms, owners can make modifications based on their own desires, and the final result often shows considerably less…. constraint.


We can argue about the choices this owner made, but this closeup shows much craftsmanship. To my eye, the exterior of this Starlet is flawless. The panel fit, fender flare seams, and paint quality are all A-Number-One.


The interior finish? Bare floor, missing control knobs and a cracked dash pad- It needs a little work…

Still with “Right Wheel Drive” and a smooth shifting Toyota manual, sign me up!