CC Outtake/QOTD: This Was My Favorite Shitbox This Past Weekend. What’s Your Favorite Shitbox?

CC 299 022 (2) 1200

After sitting forlorn in the back lot for three years, I decided to get the old ’77 Dodge Chinook out on the road again. I fixed the brakes and and attended to a few minor other issues, and we packed up and headed for the coast on Saturday morning, since a heat wave was forecast. It was certainly cool out there; a bit too much so, as a fog bank was rolling in right on the deck. So after a nice walk on the beach and lunch, we headed up and in, as in the very rugged mountains directly overlooking this section of the coast.

The forest roads that wind up and through here are utterly deserted, and there’s plenty of free camping on this national forest land. And in the place we picked the second night, a little pull-off next to a burbling creek, I stumbled into this about 20 yards in the undergrowth: a genuine shitbox. And what a lovely one at that, it even had a padded seat; Stephanie and I both enjoyed using it. And as a beneficial consequence, I don’t have to dump out the Chinook’s holding tank.

The term “shitbox” is most commonly used for cheap, basic cars, new or used. The Hyundai Accent/Excel profiled today at CC perfectly fits the definition. As does my xBox. So what’s your favorite shitbox?

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It was great too be back in the Chinook. There’s few things better than tea time at the beach in its sunny cabin when there’s a cool breeze outside.


A chance to catch up on some (non-automotive) reading.

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It was the first time Lil’ Man was along, and that was was mostly fine, except that we had some disagreements about who should drive.

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This is where we found ourselves the first night, up on Cummins Ridge, some 2000 feet overlooking the Pacific coast, down there in the fog, past the trees. Totally deserted, and no cell coverage for three days. Very relaxing, to say the least; came home very refreshed.

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So back to the question at hand: What’s your favorite shitbox?