Construction Site Outtake: I’m A Lonely Little Metro In A Big Truck Patch…

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Nearby Thomas Jefferson Middle School is getting a major do-over this summer, and the parking lot nearest the construction site is one I walk by every morning at 7 AM with the dog. I’ve been noticing the sea of big pickups, but there’s one interloper almost lost between them.

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OK; I’m not trying to editorialize about big pickups, and they fact that these get driven every morning to work by one guy. Whatever; it’s freedom of choice.  And on the weekends, they hitch up their giant combination toy hauler/camper, stuffed with modern day “dune buggies” and head for the dunes, which we have many miles of out at the coast. That justifies their existence, no?

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But one guy hasn’t gotten on the bandwagon. Well, just think of all the money he’s saved. These big trucks go for pretty serious bread, especially since almost every one was packing a big diesel. Maybe the Metro could hitch a ride in the back of that Ram?

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To each their own. BTW, the Ram pickup is the best selling vehicle in Oregon (2014 data).