Cohort Outtakes: 1962 Pontiac Parisienne (With Cougar) and 1962 Pontiac Ambulance – Is That Where The Cougar’s Nose Came From?

Pontiac 1962 Parisienne and cougar

My apologies to all of you faithful CC Cohort posters; I’ve been so busy this summer that I’ve neglected you. These two, posted by Foden Alpha, caught my eye, mostly because of the their similar noses. Well, there’s no doubt that Pontiac was by far the most influential design leader in Detroit during the early sixties, most often for their stacked headlights.

Pontiac 1962 Parisienne and cougar 2

This 1962 Pontiac is a Canadian-market Parisienne coupe, meaning it sits on a shorter Chevrolet frame, including the narrower track, as well as Chevy power trains.

Pontiac 1962 ambulance 3

Meanwhile Mike Hayes found this 1962 Superior ambulance in South Bend, WA. The wire wheels obviously aren’t original.

Pontiac 1962 ambulance 2

Raymond is a very small town on Willapa Bay. Back then, ambulance services were typically private services, often operated by funeral homes. These operators were not rained in any real emergency medical services; just a ride to the hospital; or the funeral home, if you didn’t make it that far alive.

Pontiac 1962 ambulance 1

Love those bullet-shaped red lights on top.