Crunched Curbside Classic: The Last Saab 99 In Town Bites The Bullet – Another Saab Story

Ouch! That hurts, to look at and to contemplate: this is the last Saab 99 on the streets here, to the best of my knowledge. And I just shot it right here a week earlier, still looking great. This is the same car that I first spotted in a driveway off the alley on this block, so when it showed up here, I was all excited to shoot it properly. And then this: another Saab story.

This is how it looked just a week or so earlier, when I caught it on my daily pre-breakfast walk with the dog. A few blemishes, but very solid and intact otherwise.

This somewhat cryptic note was under the wiper.

Here’s how that front corner looked before it got hit. Looks like the leading edge of the hood has seen abit of wind in its day.

The interior looks commensurate with the exterior: solid with some wear after some forty years.

The back seat looks even better, not surprisingly.

A common sight here in Eugene: parking passes for the Country Fair.

A wee bit of rust on this wheel arch. I shudder to think what a 99 that spent over 40 years in the Rust Belt would look like.

These 99 sedans have really grown on me. back in the day I thought they looked a bit dorky compared to the fastback hatchback. That was of course what came to be the definitive 99/900 body style, but there’s some quirky charm in the sedan.

And now it’s been spoiled. What a bummer.

I prefer to remember it like this.


Roger Carr’s CC on the 99 is here

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