Failed Classic: 1978-1979 La Grande Royale by SILCCO – America’s Bugatti Royale Wanna’ Be

Let’s take another look at one of the so many grand automotive ideas that never took off, of which there were plenty in the 70s and 80s. In this case, it’s the La Grande Royale, and uber-luxury sedan designed (presumably) to evoke the grand sedans of the 30’s like the Bugatti Royale.

This is the design sketch. It’s not too hard to tell that it’s based on a Lincoln Town car, but the front end is clearly “enhanced”, along with the raised roof and lengthened wheelbase and body. The intention was to build 25 La Grand Royales for the price of $78,000 ($315k adjusted). Not surprisingly, only one was built , and t wasn’t quite as grand as the drawing might have suggested.

As this sketch in this ad shows, the front end is now just the stock Lincoln.

Here it is, the final product. It’s looking more like what it is: a lengthened Lincoln with a raised roof. $315k in adjusted dollars? Why not? It’s going to sell out quickly.

Look at those Barcaloungers back there. Those alone make it well worth the price.