Curbside Outtake: 1949 Studebaker – Champion, It Is!

I dropped off a set of new tires to be mounted on the freshly-painted wheels for my son’s 1963 Beetle this morning at my favorite garage, and noticed this rather dusty and forlorn 1949 Studebaker Champion sitting in the side bay.

Figuring the model year out was pretty easy… I took the photos as they were getting ready to close up, so next time I’m there I’ll have to ask what the story is on this car—looks like it’s been sitting a while.

I love visual details like this! The four-door Champion cost between ~ $1,500 and $1,600. From the data I could find, I wasn’t able to discern what options drove the difference in price – they all had the same 170cid (2.79L) straight six rated at 80hp.

Sorry for the dusty, glarey image of the interior. She’s looking pretty shabby right now, but with not too much TLC, could really be nice.

So long for now!