Cohort Sighting: Lotus Elites – Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Cohort poster scoo68 caught an unlikely scene: two white Lotus Elites, sitting back-to-back, and both with their headlights up (I suspect that alone is not a good sign). The Elite was a somewhat bold departure for Lotus, a more serious step into the world of four-seaters, although they did already make a 2+2 version of the Elan. Arriving in 1974, the Elite was undoubtedly influenced by the Lamborghini Espada. But unlike that car’s V12, the Elite had a four, the first use by Lotus of the 907 engine, which got its rough beta-testing in the Jensen-Healey. Some 2535 Elites were made, until 1982. These two probably represent a not insignificant percentage of the remaining ones. Or maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic, since I haven’t seen one since I left LA.