Curbside Outtake: 1964 GMC Pickup – V6 and Patina

How’s this for a gnarly survivor?  Did someone throw battery acid in its face? But it’s still going, and I’d like to hear its V6, as it’s been a while since that rather distinctive sound of a big Jimmy 60 degree V6 has penetrated my aural cavities.

Somewhat curiously, it’s missing the same piece of exterior sheet metal between the hood and front door on both sides. That can’t be a coincidence.

Another four speed; the sign of a real work horse.

The back end has developed just as much patina as the front. And those wheels and axle tell us this is a 3/4 ton version.

This is the downside to these Chevy and GMC pickups of this vintage: wood floors, that inevitably rot. This is one solution, but hardly a permanent one. The floor on my F100 is still solid steel.


CC 1963 GMC Pickup: The Very Model of a Modern V6 Truck Engine