CC Capsule: 1966 Porsche 912 – We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When

Last year, I wrote a pretty long post about the Porsche 912. It was a green US-market car, also from 1966, which belonged to a friend of mine in Bangkok. It seems once was not enough: the random CC generator came up with the numbers 1966 and 912 once again – in red, this time. One must play the hand that is dealt.

It’s impossible to overstate how perfect these ‘60s Porsches are to me. Sure, the 356 is great too, but the 901 / 911 / 912 shape is so much more dynamic and refined. It’s the definitive Porsche. Having said that, it’s also impossible for me to wax lyrical about this car again for 2000-odd words like I did last year.

So I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking, to everyone’s relief.

I could not find anything wrong with this Porsche. I’m far from a specialist, but the Bangkok car had a couple of small niggles, such as badging issues, that seemed absent here.

I’m less sure about the interior, especially all that brown trim on the wheel and dash. The under-dash A/C unit seems period-correct and the radio looks perfect, but again I’m not sure if they are original.

But those are tiny details. If I were to really look for something to criticize, it would be the colour. That “Polo Red,” though it was the second-most popular hue for this model year, is a bit too on the nose.

On the other hand, that early model emblem is super sweet. It’s also on the dash, next to the glovebox. It’s a pity they switched to a more serious and anonymous-looking script in later cars.

There really is not much one can add. This is the absolute pinnacle of Porsche, as far as I’m concerned. The 4-cyl. engine just means it would cost less to buy and run, which is fine by me. If I could get that in green, blue or black, I’d be over the moon. Next time I see an early 912, I might leave a note on the windshield with an offer.


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