Curbside Outtake: 1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Aeroback – A Former CC Is Found Forlorn

Where do have all the thousands of CCs I’ve shot over the years ended up? It’s a question that haunts me at three o’clock in the morning. Undoubtedly the majority have been recycled into washing machines or rebar, but surely some have survived. A drive in the country this past summer revealed where one particular CC ended up. And not just any old CC; this Olds Cutlass Aeroback lived just a block from my house for decades before it was put up for sale back in 2016.

Although it still exists, I wouldn’t exactly consider its future rosy.

I first shot this neighborhood fixture in 2011, to use in the Aeroback chapter of the CC Complete Cutlass Chronicles (CCCCC Part 9).

In 2015 it was still being used by the two elderly women who owned it to haul this old utility wagon sporting Studebaker wheel covers.

In 2016, it sported a modest little For Sale sign on its dash, and I wrote it up in case anyone was interested. Turns out you all were not exactly ready to save this historically important car, even if it was a historical low point, given the very decided apathy the buyers when it was new.

It took over a year (or two?) before someone apparently took it off their hands. I suspect they were a bit unrealistic about what they wanted for it. But one day it was gone.

I was hoping it would go to someone who was really into these, and I looked for it at Eugene’s Annual Malaise Era Car Shows this pas two years, but no luck. So here it is, sitting in a weedy patch of a land in front of a rural residence, along with a few other gems. That’s not exactly a happy ending.

But it’s still very much resurrectable; no real body rust, just the usual mildew, lichens and mold on the outside.

Owning a four door sedan with non-opening rear windows should be worth the effort to get this back in shape.

I suspect the current owner would be willing to part with it; if you’re interested, I can give you its location.