Curbside Outtake: Gen1 Honda Accord – Not Quite Stock

Gen1 Accords have suddenly become very scarce. They’re probably hot collector cars these days. And this Accord is red hot, if not quite original. That wing is dramatic, but wait until you see the front end.  Got to keep that 1.6 L speed demon earth-bound.

How’s that for a bit of remodeling. Or is it remuddelling?

The painted-over rear windows are a…different touch. No tax breaks for that in the US.

There’s even a second spoiler up on the roof. And a trailer hitch to boot. It’s got all the bases covered.

That’s not how I remember the Accord’s interior. Quite the undertaking. I like the crash pad on the steering wheel; it reminds me of bumper cars.

The hood is fully secured.

It’s always good to see someone fulfilling their creative impulses. But I do hope it’s not the last gen1 Accord I see on the street. I’d like my final memories of them to be a bit more authentic.