Curbside Outtake: The Truly-Green Subaru

Back in the day, Subarus had an image of being earthy. This one is confirming that, seeing how it’s sprouting its own little garden of native plants. Are they edible?

Here’s how this process works:

That sprout on the right looks to me like it could well be a baby Douglas Fir, which of course makes sense, as they’re all-too common here, and it’s their pollen that starts the cycle of this soil-building process. Their fine powdery pollen comes off the trees in massive clouds, and covers everything. It sticks to cars, and that allows lichens to attach and start growing. That gives moss a toe-hold, As more organic debris collects, it slowly composts into an excellent organic growing medium, and then one day a fir seed pops out of its cone and drops into it. If it survives its first dry summer, by next year it will be a genuine baby tree, with its first little branches.

Moss is getting a toe hold on this side trim, but it’s a bit precarious.

This is not an abandoned car by any means; if it was, it would have grass growing under it, right on the street. Seriously.