On The Go Outtake: 1967 Buick Electra 225 – We’re Not In Tokyo Anymore

Tatra87’s seemingly endless finds in the Tokyo area have one most obvious feature: their mostly impeccable condition. That’s not quite the case in Eugene, where it all started with finding beaters still on the road. And boy did I land a whopper the other day on our walk: a massive, lumpy, rusty white whale, out for a spin.

I can share with you what it looked like, but unfortunately not what it sounded like as it took off at this stop. But you all have vivid imaginations: think 430 cubic inches exhaling through unobstructed and unmuffled pipes.

I’m not going to say it was a glorious sound, as the tired V8 sound a bit labored chugging away with its load of car and passengers. More like a typical old non-high performance American V8 sedan that lost its muffler; more pathetic than wondrous.

Nevertheless, given just how rare occurrences like this have become, I was quite enthralled as it worked its way across the intersection. It’s one thing to hear the high-pitched scream of a typical modded modern car, or even the very healthy bark of an overly-restored ’60s hot car, but the chuffing rumble of a Buick missing its muffler is something quite different.

If I’d had the presence of mind and dexterity to put my camera into video mode, you’d all be hearing it yourselves. Now your stuck with using your imaginations. Maybe that’s just as well.