Curbside Outtake: The Great Green Nova Coupe Is Still Around

Six years ago I found this same splendid green Nova coupe in the parking lot of a mall, and its posting here generated a lot of positive response. I’m happy to announce it’s still around, looking just as have and heart; this is a rolling time capsule.

We were on our walk, and Stephanie wanted to pop into this nursery to see if the sweet pea starts were in yet. And here’s the green Nova again, and its owner is just starting it up. There was some question last time as to whether it’s a six or eight; I can assure you it’s the latter from the muted growl it gave upon exhaling the fresh spring air it had inhaled moments earlier.

I waved my iPhone and the owner waved an assent back, but as he was already starting to back up, it meant no interior shot or possibly a brief chat about it.

So I’ll show you the shot of its lovely two-tone interior from the previous photo session. I’m sure it looks just as fresh as it did then. This Nova is in loving hands, unlike so many that met a very different fate in the hands of young guys.