Curbside Outtake: The Well-Disguised Capri

When I first saw the back end of this car from a block or so away, I had a momentary brain fart. What is that? Those two big round taillights really threw me. But not for long.

The monochromatic paint job and lack of any badges and such added to the initial mystery, but the basic shape is of course distinctive and recognizable. But apparently this owner would rather keep folks guessing, and I suspect it does, since this generation of Capri was never common, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen another.

Someone likes gray. Well; they’re not exactly the only ones…

The profile is its most distinctive feature. I will say that this is the best looking one of these I’ve seen, as it adds a bit of gravitas to rather lightweight design otherwise.


A more detailed CC on the Capri:

Curbside Classic: 1989-94 Ford/Mercury Capri – Unfashionably Late