Vintage Ad: “Across The Nation For ’54 — Buick Outsells All Cars Except 2!” Is It True?

Speaking of Buick Specials, it was the low-price Special that was propelling Buick to all-time highs in the mid-fifties. This ad claims Buick was outselling all cars except two (Chevrolet and Ford, obviously), but their claim is a wee bit iffy, since for the ’54 model year, Plymouth still squeaked by Buick, 463k to 445k. But it may well be referring to 1954 calendar year sales, and there’s no doubt Buick was #3 in that metric, as the 1955 models enjoyed another big surge, to 738k to Plymouth’s 705k, as well as a mighty 10.3% market share. Buick held on to the bronze for 1956, although by just a hair, 572,024 to Plymouth’s 571,634.

But it was downhill from there; by 1960, Buick was in ninth place. It was a combination of slipping quality as well as the severe crimp on premium brand cars after the 1958 recession.