Curbside Outtake: Toyota Chinook – With Upper Story Plumbing

The Toyota Chinook was once a very common fixture here, as it was a classic “Eugene-mobile”. I’ve shown you several over the years, including one that was encapsulated in spray foam. But they’re finally getting scarce too, so this one had to be documented.

It’s also got something a bit peculiar going on, with that hose across its windshield.

Looks like a drain line. Maybe that vaunted Chinook fiberglass roof isn’t quite as watertight as it once was?

Or maybe a urinal in the upper berth when the top is popped?

The inside has seen better days, but it’s still mostly intact. That plywood bed doesn’t look stock; I seem to remember something like a dinette on that side, which folded down into a bed.

The cab looks to be in be in pretty decent shape; it’s still got its door cards!

These really could have used dual wheels or just a wider rear axle. But they always get there, eventually. Just don’t be in a hurry.