Dumpside Classic Outtake: 1964 Dodge D100 – Keeping Good Company

CC 300 037 1200

My F100 has made several trips to the dump (transfer station, actually) this summer. And the odds are always good that it will find a kindred spirit there; I’ve documented a number of them here over the years, including one just earlier this summer. But this ’64 Dodge is the best encounter in a while.

CC 300 043 1200

1964 was the last year for the original Exner-era front end, which I have come to like more and more. In 1965, Dodge trucks got a very Turbine-car Engel-era exaggerated single front headlight, set in a much more generic grille.

CC 300 038 1200

This D100 is a Sweptline, with a 6.5′ box on a 114″ wheelbase.

CC 300 040 1200

The bed has seen lots of work and weather, like the one in mine. But it’s in a bit worse shape, with more distortion from heavy loads. Mine has remarkably little; I’d love to know just what gauge steel was used in these various bed floors.

CC 300 039 1200

This truck has the four speed transmission, with a “granny low” first gear. And the same ubiquitous seat covers as mine. I bought my seat covers some 20 years ago, but only finally needed to put them on about five years ago, when the seat split got too bad. Do they still make this kind?

CC 300 041 1200

Under the nicely-patinated hood purred the distinctive murmur of a slant six. I complimented the owner on how relatively quiet it was, as these had mechanical lifters until…mid 70s? it’s not like most slant six owners are out there adjusting their valves like I used to have to do with my VW every few months. But this one’s valve train was clearly in optimal specs.