Neighborhood Outtake #1: 1981 Datsun 210

Lately I’ve been feeling a wee bit anxious that the CC era in Eugene is coming to a close. I see fewer and fewer genuine CCs in traffic, which is increasingly dominated by newish cars and trucks, due to our booming economy, among other things. Plus, the old classics are just getting…older. So yes, there really are fewer of them out there.

But the other day, running back and forth on an errand a few blocks away, I realized that there were still quite a few genuine CCs and decided to start shooting all the ones in my neighborhood that I saw. By neighborhood, I mean within a 5-6 block radius of my house. And it’s not going to be a complete survey, just shooting the ones I see as I happen to drive or walk around the ‘hood.

First up is one of my favorites.

I’ve probbaly shared it before, but this veteran 210 showed up a couple of years ago, and is a daily driver. It did pick up this nasty dent about nine months ago, but that hasn’t stopped it yet. Undoubtedly, a few of you are going to get in a big huff about the damaged tail light. I don’t judge these things; I just appreciate old veterans still at it, no matter what shape they’re in.

Just to clarify, this is a Datsun 210 by Nissan. And the Carfax on the license says it’s a “Datsun 210 MPG”, so it may well be, although I don’t see any badging to that effect.

Not surprisingly, there’s not much left of the front seat upholstery.

And the rear seatback is in an active state of auto-deconstruction. It’s an interesting look at the construction methods used at the time.

I can’t explain the skis on the roof in June; maybe someone has no place else to keep them, or it’s just part of the look. But I can explain the Mercedes W213 off in the distance: there’s still a few of them in the ‘hood, although nothing like during the Great Bio-Diesel Boom in about 2008 or so. The neighborhood was clattering with them; now it’s so calm and quiet, as Prii roll by soundlessly.