Neighborhood Outtake: 1967 Chevrolet C50 Truck

In addition to old cars, there’s also a smattering of old trucks in mu neighborhood. This Chevy C50, whose year is easy to peg due to the lack of side reflectors, is of course of the new generation of pickups and light-medium duty trucks that arrived in 1967.

Engine choices started with the 250 six, with the more preferable 292 next, and then some variation(s) of small block V8s, as well as the big block 366 V8. Diesels were also available, including the 4-53 two stroke four and the DH-478 four stroke V6. Needless to say, quite a few of these ended up with a 350 swapped in to replace the tired engine they came with.

The paint job on this one looks to be courtesy of several cans of green spray paint, and not all the same color. But I rather like the effect, especially the way the C50 badge pops out due to the white around it.