Neighborhood Outtake: Ford Econoline 4×4 Quadravan – Conversion Van x2

Four wheel drive conversion vans mostly got their start with the new generation of vans that date back to 1971 for the Chevrolet and Dodge, and to the 1975 Econoline. And conversion vans, in terms interior redecoration, also got really rolling about that same time. And this Econoline 4×4 Quadravan is a double-conversion van, ready to take its occupants into the wilderness for their vanning pleasures.

I’m not sure of the exact year of this rig, but based on the colors, I’d date it to about the 1976-1979 era. Those were boom years for the whole RV industry, until the second energy crisis put the kibosh to it. There’s not many 1980-1982 vintage RVs out there, except maybe some very small and relatively efficient ones. This one does not fit into that category.

Quadravans were built by Pathfinder, which apparently survived the 1980-1982 downturn, only to go belly up in 1991, another difficult year for RVs. Parts specific to them are getting hard to find.


I would expect that a 460 V8 is quite likely hiding under the Econoline’s stubby hood. A great engine, but obviously also a thirsty one. Especially when teamed up with a high roof van raised jacked up even further.

I should mention that as far as I know, Quadravan only did the 4wd conversion. I’m not sure about the fiberglass top, interior and paint.

Needless to say, these still have a pretty strong following, and it’s undoubtedly worth a whole lot more than if it were just a 2WD Econoline from this vintage.