On The Go Outtake: The ’63 Dart Six Pack Is Still Winning Races

This was a sight that brought a big smile to my face: the ’63 Dart Six Pack is still on the road, driven by its owner Richard. And he’s gaining on the competition, which shouldn’t be hard, as this Dart packs a six pack, although one of a somewhat different nature than you might assume.

I wrote up this car back in 2013, along with its stablemate, the slant-six powered ’53 Ford, which I haven’t seen in some time. Back then, the Dart looked about…six years of regular driving younger. Ok, enough of the preliminaries: you want to know about that six pack.

Here they are: six Mikuni carbs in a row, on a homemade aluminum manifold. Isn’t that a delicious sight for you slant six lovers? A genuine leaning tower of power. This car has seen a bit of time at the drag strips in the Northwest, but unfortunately I’ve long forgotten what it was capable of. Surprising a few V8s, in any case.

Like all good Mopars, it’s backed by a Torqueflite, but with an aftermarket shifter. And some genuine bucket seats. For those that don’t know where the term originates, look no further.

And here’s evidence: I shot twice quickly, and in this second shot Robert is clearly gaining on the black Kia and will undoubtedly shut him down. Or something like that. Makes for a study in contrasts, anyway.