Portlandia Outtake: Ford Econoline (gen1) Mild Custom – Graysicle

Old Econolines are perpetually cool, or hip, depending on the preferred adjective. So it didn’t surprise me to run into one on my short amble in one of Portland’s neighborhoods. It’s sort of a big Creamsicle, except that the cream has gone to gray.

The areo discs on the wheels accentuate the toy-like character of this van. Driving around in my Promaster van makes me realize what a long way vans have come, despite still being mostly a big steel box.

I had a ’68 Dodge A100, not all that different than this Econoline. And I still have my ’77 Dodge Chinook. But turning the key and having the Promaster’s engine start instantly, and the run more like an electric motor than the hoary, belching, hiccuping, farting, stalling 360 V8 in my Dodge brings home that the progress is in almost every area except the metal box part. Vans will be vans.