Reader Outtake: 1962(?) Ford Falcon Club Wagon At Plymouth Harbor

CC reader John K. sent me these shots of a sweet old Falcon (Econoline) van, sitting at the edge of Plymouth harbor, and suitably being photobombed by a VW T2 microbus. The Econoline/Falcon van owes its existence to the popularity of the T1 VW bus/van in the 1950s, which created a whole new category of vehicle in the US.

I don’t have an exact MY for this one, but it has to be 1962 or later, as the Falcon name was not used on the Econoline passenger van in 1961.  It’s a Club Wagon and not the very spartan Station Bus, as I can see the horn ring. Other amenities were such luxuries as full-length floor mats, headliner, and dual sun visors. There was also a DeLuxe Club Wagon, which had external trim to identify it.

What we can be almost certain about is that it’s got either the 144 or 170 CID Falcon six, or at least did originally. And if it’s a 1963 or earlier (quite likely) than it has a three-speed column shift manual, But there was an optional 4-speed manual, with a column shifter, at least in 1964. That would be the one to have.

Rather oddly there was no automatic available until 1964.

Since it’s lacking the “Heavy Duty” badge under the Falcon script, this didn’t come with the 240 six. That option, which also included higher capacity springs, bigger brakes and wheels, first was available in 1965, the same year the extended body (at the rear only) also first appeared.

Windowed Econoline vans also show up in some years of the Econoline brochures, but whether they carried the Falcon script or not is a bit of an open question. Maybe it depended whether you bought it from the passenger car sales department or the truck department, which not all Ford dealers had. And those that did, typically had different facilities for the trucks. How quaint.

That’s the Mayflower in the background.


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