Obscure Historical Factoid That You Somehow Managed To Live Without Until Now: The 1961-1963 Ford Econoline/Falcon Van Didn’t Offer An Automatic Transmission

The relentless pursuit of knowledge sometimes turns long-held assumptions on their head: didn’t you assume that the 1961 – 1963 Falcon van and Econoline offered the Fordomatic like the Falcon sedans and Ranchero did? I sure did. But no…

I was looking through Econoline brochures at oldcarbrochures to see if possibly the Dagenham four-speed manual had been offered in the vans. I was pretty sure not, but someone had once suggested they were. But what I did find is that there is no reference to an optional automatic, until 1964, when the three-speed CruiseOmatic shows up on the option list.

Now that’s rather odd, especially since the Powerglide was quite popular in the Corvair Greenbrier and Corvans/Rampsides. In fact, the original idea was to only offer the Corvair with an automatic. Maybe the Fordomatic wasn’t rugged enough for light-truck use?

Don’t you feel more knowledgeable now?