Skinner Butte Outtake: 1974 Chevrolet Nova Hatchback – Cindi’s Dad Is Cool

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Our Saturday afternoon urban hike took us once again up to Skinner Butte, which almost always results in a shoot-worthy car in its overlook parking lot. But this one is decidedly better than average: a pristine ’74 Nova coupe, and a hatchback, at that. But that’s not all: its owner is a quite young woman. And a lucky one at that, as her dad bought this Nova for her.

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Cindi and her friends spotted our dog, and wanted to say hi to him. I noticed her car and wanted to say hi to it. So we all indulged in our objects of attraction: Lil’ Man got (and gave) lots of love. And I gave her Nova some photographic love. Her dad bought it two and a half years ago, and she’s obviously been taking good care of it.

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It did spend over twenty years of its life shut up in a garage, which helps explains its time-capsule condition. Presumably its 350 V8 is still in equally good health too.

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This is the first hatchback Nova I’ve seen in quite a while. It first appeared with the 1973 re-style that also changed the rear window and of course the new mandated 5 mile bumpers. Otherwise, the Nova was still largely the same as it had been when it was really new in 1968.

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Kids were driving Novas in the 70s. And 80s. And 90s. And the aughts. And here they are still driving one in the teens. Some things seem to never change, especially when Dad finds a pristine one that spent over half its life hiding away.

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Will there be more Novas to be found for the kids to drive up to Skinner Butte twenty or thirty years from now?