Skinner Butte Outtake: International Scout – You Do Know About The Scout Coming Back In EV Form?

Seeing this Scout II looking out over Eugene naturally made me think of VW’s plan to resurrect the Scout brand, as an EV-only brand, with an SUV and a pickup. VW’s board just committed the $2 billion investment in a new dedicated plant just outside of Columbia, South Carolina.

It’s an interesting move, and represents a lot of faith by VW in the growing market for EV SUVs and pickups, as well as the US market in general, although I assume they will be exported to Europe and other places.

US VW dealers are hot under the collar, though, because they strongly suspect the Scout will be sold directly to buyers, a la Tesla.

VW released this rendering when they first announced it. Obviously, the bodies will share their front two-thirds, or so.

Others have taken those renderings and made them more explicit.

It evokes some basic Scout design language, but obviously the SUV is a four door. Given the popularity of Ford’s two-door Bronco, one wonders about that choice. But in order to fit in an underfloor big enough, a shorter wheelbase was probably not technically feasible.