Toyota Week Finale Outtakes: Here’s Some Of The Toyotas Of Eugene That Didn’t Make The Cut

CC 39 092 925

Probably some of you are glad to see the last of Toyota Week. You can blame me (who else?); when I started writing the 1969 Corona CC, it really came home to me just how significant that car was. And GN’s splendid collection of vintage reviews, which is the best thing that’s happened to CC in a while, pushed me over the edge.

Eugene is Toyota City, Oregon. It’s by far the most prominent brand, although Subaru is undoubtedly giving it a run for the money. And the town is full of old ones, so my files are brimming with them. I’ve written up many of them over the years, but there’s still dozens that have never been posted. So here’s just a random sample of the Toyotas that you didn’t see this week.

CC 27 100 925

I’ve done a CC for the gen1 Tercel Liftback, but here’s a two door sedan. I spotted a bright red one the other day, but didn’t even stop, as I have a few others too.

CC 24 041

This 4A-C E86 Corolla coupe lives down a cross street from us, and has for many years. And it still gets used.

CC 24 023

There were two of these Cressida woodys around town for a long time. Now one had been turned into a bosozuko-style custom.

CC 48 035 1200

Here’s a sweet circa 1975 Corolla wagon.

CC 43 036 1200

This is the successor to the one above. We’ve been walking by this one for many years, and it’s still in  regular use.

CC 27 152 1200

These folks like old Toyota vans. The one in front is a 4×4 version.

CC 82 002 1200

This one is a rather unusual Westfalia-like pop-up camper.

CC 27 165 800

This Hilux has a heavy load.

CC 70 044 1200

One of Toyota’s most brilliant cars.

CC 70 079 1200

One of the later Cressida wagons, serving as someone’s home on wheels.

CC 84 108 1200

Are there lots of Prii in Eugene? Did you have to ask. Even two green gen1 versions randomly found together.

CC 137 003

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. I was shooting these three parked Prii with a Continental Mark V in the back, when another one photo bombs the shot. Yes; there are a lot of these here.

CC 85 004 1200

I saw this one around town on the streets for ages before I finally caught up with it. It’s a plum.

CC 86 017 1200

This Corolla Liftback and ’72 Cadillac hung around in this spot for many years. I’ve written up the Caddy; it was my very first CC. The last time we walked by recently, the Caddy was gone. The Toyota outlasted it….symbolic.

CC 140 327 1200

During the Great Hatchback Era, even the staid Corona got one.

CC 154 005 1200

This one’s for long-time CC reader MikePDX, who used to have one.

CC 49 011 1200

An older Land Cruiser sporting a nice shade of green.

CC 69 020

Another classic Corolla wagon.

CC 69 014 1200

And the Land Cruiser behind it.

CC 190 028 1200

A Camry wagon with twin wipers on the back window. These were/are rather highly coveted, as there were no more Camry wagons after it.

CC 88 WM 004 800

I probably showed you this before, but a foam-covered Toyota Chinook is something that deserves a second look.

CC 117 112

A Eugene “ricer”.

CC 275 059 1200

I shot this late Corona wagon just the other day. And there’s a Corolla wagon in the parking lot. There’s not as many really old Toyotas around anymore, but we haven’t seen the last of them yet. Which means there’s plenty of material for another Toyota Week. Or two.