CC Outtakes: The All-CC Block In My Neighborhood

CC 239 237 1200

Over the years, I’ve done several CC walks through my neighborhood. I sometimes worry a bit that with the passage of time, the number of CCs may drop. But it’s holding up pretty well, as this one block of Monroe Street shows rather graphically. Let’s walk down it.

CC 239 241 1200

These two on the left make a nice pairing. Old Toyota pickups are everywhere here, and no block is likely without one. But the Caprice is hardly common, as the early pre-1980 versions have become quite rare. Will finding any B-Body of this vintage be a big deal someday?

CC 239 239 1200

This house on the right is always good for an eclectic collection.

CC 239 245 1200

A Vanagon, early 70s Dodge D100, a T-Bird Turbo Coupe, a Chevy van, and a Malibu wagon. An equal-opportunity brand lover.

CC 239 247 1200

It’s not on the same block, but beyond the Vanagon there’s a fine old F100, and a yellow VW Beetle too.

CC 239 249 1200

Heading south again, we see some more classic Eugene-mobiles, in the form of the ever-popular Toyota van, a Mercedes W123 300 Turbo Diesel wagon, and a VW Eurovan.

CC 239 253 1200

And not just one, but two white Eurovans live here. Weren’t most of them white? OK, the Golf is the one interloper on this all-CC block.

CC 239 255 1200

And the driveway across the street has two more all-time Eugene-mobiles; a gen1 Subaru Outback, and a venerable Volvo 242 two door sedan, in that preferred baby blue.

CC 239 256 1200

Just one street on one block, but a pretty CC rich one. In case you missed my previous neighborhood walks, the links are below. It’s never too late to retrace my footsteps.

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