Welcome To CC Court, Part 1 – Rambler American

CC 215 012 925

It was the old Rambler American that first caught my eye and got me to pull over, but I quickly realized that it was by far not the only CC here on this cul de sac. Birds of a feather….

CC 215 010 925

Let’s take a quick looksie at the American first, which is a ’65 or so; a bit hard to pin down without its grille, but I’m sure you AMC mavens will know.

CC 215 014

This is a rough but very ready daily driver, it would appear. The surface rust it has developed from a half century of our winter rains is pretty benign, for the most part.

CC 215 015 925

Looks like someone started to do a bit of body work, but petered out. And I see dual exhausts hiding under the bumper.

CC 215 016 925

It’s been converted to a floor shift. Given the tach and gauges, and the dual exhausts, it undoubtedly has one of AMC’s V8s under the hood. Which was probably the attraction in the first place. I’m guessing the 290.

Well, savor that, while I get Part 2 put together.