CC Outtakes: Happy Holidays!


This picture graced my family Christmas Card this year, the fourth in a series of at least five.  Next year, the Dirty Dart’s scheduled to be up, but for now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane at four years of cards and wonder why everybody doesn’t do an old car themed holiday.

Christmas Card

Last year was the Mustang’s turn, as is only fitting after 45 years in my family.  Capturing it while it was not torn apart in some way was difficult, but we managed.

Corvair Christmas 007

The Corvair earned its keep by posing in our 2012 picture, even if the theme reeked of fall leaves more than dashing sleighs.

11-11-11 038a

And last but not least, our ’53 Buick kicked off this theme in 2011, and it was my lovely bride’s idea in the first place.  We had actually used our cats for several years and needed something new to try.  Who knows where will go when we run out of cars to photograph?  Maybe I’ll have to buy more cars, or maybe move on to my antique bicycle collection.


Until then, I’ll leave you with some holiday cheer compliments of the Dirty Dart, which is a little dirtier thanks to some pine needles.  Happy Holidays!