Cohort Outtake: Chevette – Still Haulin’ the Groceries

Chevette Joseph Dennis

I’m finding it hard to resist just about everything Joseph Dennis posts at the Cohort, thanks to the combination of great finds and terrific photography. This Chevette was shot in Flint, MI, in front of a WallyMart. And how many runs to the store has this ‘vette made in its long life?

Chevette f Joseph Dennis

Here’s its nose, which tells us it’s one of the first couple of years of production: 1976 or 1977. Almost 40 years old, and it doesn’t even have all that much rust on it. I’m guessing it was someone’s grandmother’s car that only went out on nice days, until more recent years anyway.

Here’s my homage to the Chevette, a Scooter no less.