Cohort Outtake: 1963 Mercury Comet S22 – The Granada/Monarch Of Its Time

Mercury 1963 comet r

Today’s Granada CC reminds me that its concept, of a more formal and better-trimmed compact, wasn’t exactly new. The 1960 Comet essentially played that role fifteen years earlier, and was quite successful. In 1961, a higher-trim S22 model joined the line-up, with bucket seats, console, and distinguishing trim. But there were no hokey ad comparisons to a Mercedes, although it did rather look like a fin-tail Mercedes in profile. LeSabretoothTiger caught this fine ’63 S22 coupe on the go.

Mercury 1963 Comet f

Like the Granada and Monarch, the standard engine was the little Falcon six, in 144, and 170 inch sizes, although in mid-year 1963, the 170 inch version became standard. Good call. The 260 cubic inch V8 with 164 hp also became optional in 1963.

The Comet showed that big-car styling on a trimmer size was a recipe for success, even if the formula was lost for some years.


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