Curbside Outtake: Corvair Coupe with Rake

Raked Corvair Coupe

Given the love lavished on the Corvair here at Curbside Classic, I had no choice but to stop and collect a few pictures of this ’61-’64 Coupe parked in front of a Carson, California Hot Rod shop. The shop goes by the name “Starlight Rod and Custom,” and their website describes them thusly: “From mild to wild to extreme. Kustoms and Kandy-Coated Streamlined Boomin’ Babies. At Starlite we build dream cars meant to be driven.” Sounds like a good bunch to hang with.

Raked Corvair Coupe.2

Getting back to our Corvair, it appears that rake is more a result of front suspension lowering, rather raising the rear end, but the car is definitely trimmed out in a early seventies style. The spotlights, window antennas, laced panels and side glass etching all hark back to cars that surrounded me back in high school.

Do I like it? That depends- If this is a well preserved car someone built forty years ago, I think it’s kind of cool. If, on the other hand, this shop built the car up last year, I’m less inspired. While I embrace holding onto artifacts from the past, I see little need to create new ones in 2015. Still, everyone needs to make a living, and if the customers all want way-back machines, who am I to argue with them?