CC Outtakes: An International Line-up – Let’s See Your Papers, Please

CC 241 174 1200 b

Walking by Eugene’s The Sports Car Shop always increases the odds of something interesting in the back lot, but this line-up was decidedly better than average. Two Germans, Two Brits, and an Italian, an “illegal alien” at that. But wait, there’s someone hiding behind the Jag.

CC 241 176 1200

A third Brit: a TR7 roadster, no less. That does make for a pretty eclectic bunch, especially that yellow Alfa Spider, a car that was never imported to the US. I’ve seen it running around town and had been hoping to catch it. Let’s check out its immigration papers.

CC 241 177 1200 a

Needless to say, this FWD and rather plump Spider was quite the contrast to the classic Spider built from 1966-1993; almost three decades. David Saunders caught one of these in Canada, where the 15 year exemption makes it easy enough to import there. But we have a 25 year exemption, and these started production in MY 1995, so…it joins the number of other cars I’ve seen here that also seem to have snuck through that hurdle. Maybe Oregon is a “safe haven” for the undocumented.

CC 241 180 1200 b

It’s quite the contrast to the classic MGB next to it. The Spider was designed Enrico Fumia at Pininfarina, along with its fixed-top sibling, the GTV. It was a fairly successful effort to break out of the classic sports car mold, and despite initial reserve from some quarters, it won some design awards and came to be widely accepted and appreciated.