Neighborhood Walk: Friendly St. Area, Part 2

You didn’t think our neighborhood walk the other day was finished, did you? Not by a long shot! As Jim Klein and Will and any other CC’ers who’ve come to visit will attest, we are hard core walkers. At least a mile after breakfast, and then some 3-5 miles in the late afternoon; or more, especially on summer evenings. But since you might not be in shape yet, we’ll take some breaks.

This is a good place to re-start, as the Saab is no longer among us, having seen it loaded up on a flatbed behind a U Haul truck. I’m going to miss it.

As I said before, this is not really a CC hunt, but just documenting the cars in my neighborhood. I figured 20 years from now, it’ll be fun to look at again.  This is a fairly common pairing, more usually with a Toyota pickup, but older American pickups, especially the Rangers, are welcome here too.


A Civic Hybrid.

A BMW lover lives here.


Yes, we make exceptions for one token Mustang per neighborhood.


You’re breathing hard; better take another break.