CC Capsule: 2002 Daihatsu Naked – Full Frontal Nullity

How’s this for a CCenterfold? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today the Curbside ClassiXXX Cabaret and Revue is going to reveal a well-kept saucy secret from the Far East. She just turned 18 (we hope), she’s up for anything and she will bear all for your viewing pleasure. Give a big hand for Miss Daihatsu and keep the other hand to yourselves.

Legally-mandated pixelation is just another form of titillation


Yes, she’s pixelated. Well, she is Japanese. They have strict laws about this stuff. Yes, I realize you may not be in Japan right now, but she is. Tell you what, though: if you donate a modest fee to our pay site, you will be given full membership and unlimited access to crystal clear photos of Miss Daihatsu. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you. Oh, you must be over 18, by the way.

Yowza! Now we’re getting serious.


Thank you for your generosity. Here’s our end of the deal. Miss Daihatsu in full living colour. What a profile, huh? Nothing like a petite four-door body to get one’s juices flowing, so to speak. But let’s not get over-excited, gents. And no peeking at the underside, please. This is a classy joint.

Look at those close-up interior shots, you pervs.


Miss Daihatsu was previewed at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show and went into production in late 1999 on the Mira platform. She is therefore a FWD kei car and has a 659cc 3-cyl. with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto (column shift). Turbo and 4WD versions were available, too. Miss Daihatsu’s engine may be small, but it is well tuned and eager to please.

Phwoar! Now that’s a rear end you just can’t leave behind.


However, the main attraction was – of course – her luscious body. She thought it was nice out, so she left it out all day: visible bolts on bottom panels front and rear, door hinges exposed for all to see, unconcealed B-pillar shamelessly taunting passersby. Miss Daihatsu has no compunction about this wanton exhibitionism. She is the way her creators made her, so why hide anything?

Go on luv, show the goods to the bads and the uglies.


Naked by name, au naturel by nature – but with sophistication, of course. Even in a full-frontal shot like this one, our Daihatsu is not obscene like the ’58 Edsel. Looks like she was waxed recently, too. Seems someone has a sugar daddy taking care of these little details.

Designed by Messrs Stark and Bollock, or so we’d like to think…


Real life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for our featured model. Sales were kind of on the slow side, oddly enough. Production was halted in November 2003 and the last units were sold by April 2004. Just under 95,000 were made, which was disappointing. Unfortunately, it seems Japanese punters were a bit too shy to hit the streets buck Naked. They should have tried selling those in Germany.

Turns out Daihatsu kind of F’ed up the Naked, leaving them with a mess on their hands.


With its midget-Humvee looks and its enticing nameplate, this Daihatsu could have been a hit. Alas, it was a bit of a flop and the concept was not renewed for a second generation. So that’s it, folks – the deed is done, the show is over and the performer is leaving the pole. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it might be time to go back to the old Honda Life (rhyming slang), who is waiting for you patiently in your driveway. At least, you can bookmark this post and go back to ogle a few Naked pics if you fall on hard times.