Neighborhood Walk: Friendly St. Neighborhood, Part 3 – VW Bus Cluster and More


Well, it seems like we lost a few of you after the last segment of our neighborhood walk. Petered out, or just losing interest after the 14th Prius? Ok, so you’ve had a chance to rest up a couple of days and we can continue. And we’ll start where there’s a curious cluster of VW buses. Not that they aren’t common enough in the whole ‘hood, but here’s the highest density within a few houses of each other.

There used to be two blue T2s here, but one must have been sold off or something.


This house is just down the street and around the corner from us, and they’ve had a white xB for about as long as I have. And there used to be a second one. The pairing with the Rendezvous (wince) is a curious one.

That’s a Saab wagon taking off for work in the morning.

Let’s huddle and discuss what we saw. Got your notes?