On The Go Outtakes: Street Racing A Bathtub Nash

Bathtub Nashes have become legendary for their prowess at street racing, at least at CC. The first and most famous encounter was by Nigel Tate, when he caught one passing on the freeway in the right lane, no less. When I saw the unmistakable rear end of a bathtub Nash up ahead in traffic, I was determined to put it it in its rightful spot—behind me. Given that he had 115 hp on tap and I had all of 103, that was going to be easier said than done.

I downshifted and put the spurs to my poor old xB. We made noticeable progress, but he was putting up a good fight.


I’m definitely gaining on him now.



I could see the determination of its driver’s expression; he was giving it all he had. But that long nose of the Ambassador Super was coming into view.

I gloated as I finally passed him and put him in his rightful place.


But then I heard the distinct sound of a downshift from its Hydramatic transmission, and he shot by me again. I could hear the wicked snarl of its mighty 234.8 cubic inch ohv inline six from the exhaust as it passed my open window.

I caught up with him at the next light. We exchanged knowing glances, and then locked eyes on the lights. He hole-shot me, thanks to that ultra-low first gear in the Hydramatic. Or maybe I’m not as good as a drag racer as I thought I was.


My forte has always been high speed racing, and once we got close to the century mark, I started gaining on him again.

Almost there!

Victory! But now it looks like someone else is challenging us  both. Maybe it’s time to peel off.