Cohort Sighting: Getting Passed On The Right By A Speeding Bathtub Nash

(The original “Getting Passed On The Right” post, from 11/15/2012)   It’s one thing to find a “Bathtub” Nash in a static display, but on the open road–and on a rainy day, no less? But really, getting passed in the right lane? I know these things were just about the most aerodynamic American cars of their time, but who drives one like this?

PurveyorOfTheOdd (CC’s Nigel Tate, formerly Mr. Mann)  posted these shots of his unexpected encounter with the Nash, which took place just a couple of days ago. I can’t tell for sure, but I’m going to assume it’s an Ambassador, since the 600/Statesman had all of 85 hp from its little 184 cu in flathead and was somewhat famous for being as slug-like as it looked. But the mighty Ambassador had the big 235 cu in motor with a terrorizing 115 hp. Here it comes…

…streaking by. Looks like they’re hauling quite a load, too.

And there it goes, zooming down the highway in the right lane at some ungodly speed. Somebody call the police! That rear-window wiper must come in handy on rainy days like this.